Trump’s First Reaction To Charlottesville ~ spot on as Alt-Right & Alt-Left make USA their battleground


President Donald J. Trump’s initial reaction and speech was spot on. What happened was the Alt-Right and the Alt-Left, both armed to the teeth, met in Charlottesville and rumbled over a local issue. AntiFa was there too, not just white supremacists. Both were armed and it’s still unclear which side started the violence. The police should’ve been the adults in the room, but appeared to stand down. When Trump spoke, he could not have had complete info. We still don’t know exactly what and why. We have yet to hear who the individuals were on the Alt-Right and Alt-left who planned and financed these groups that weekend.

The Alt-Right and Alt-Left have been battling for years and now they are tearing this country apart. Most Americans of all races, nationalities, ethnicities, and religions have political views that are not extreme, though half fall right of center and half fall left of center center. Time for the adults in the room to regain control of the political process.

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2 responses to “Trump’s First Reaction To Charlottesville ~ spot on as Alt-Right & Alt-Left make USA their battleground

  • Onisha Ellis

    In my opinion, his first speech was the most sweeping. All hate is evil. The left demanding a specific callout was almost like they wanted to be absolved of blame and their hate.


    • NikeChillemi

      Onisha, Yes, and the first speech was from him, from his heart. The real man, halting as he searched for words.

      We have an Alt-Right and an Alt-Left with disenfranchised kids bullying and knocking things down. The media applauds the left thugs and berates the right thugs. But these video game playing kids who don’t have jobs and go all over the country protesting are making US policy. Upsetting.


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