Toot! Toot! 2012 Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers Blog Tour Is Here!

And I mean right here! Right now! Crime Fictionista blog is thrilled to be part of this year’s tour!!!

PERILOUS SHADOWS: (Historical Romantic Thriller, late-1940s ~~ dead coed/news professionals hunt a killer)

Pioneer newspaper woman Kiera Devane is on a mission to prove a woman can do a man’s job, as she hunts a young coed’s killer? Ace radio broadcaster Argus Nye lost one love to a murderous fiend and his pulse races as he tries to protect Kiera from herself as much as from this killer. (Sweet romance, warm intimacy, sophisticated themes)

Kiera was doted upon by loving parent, but they were killed when she was a girl and she was shipped off to live with a socialite aunt who had little time for her. In her aunt’s house, she learned life could be cold and cruel. As a result, she grew up to be an independent and demanding professional woman.

Argus Nye, still bereft from the loss of his first love, can’t understand why this female reporter is mesmerizing him. As she takes chances with her life trying to catch a killer, he’s determined to protect her.

What Makes This A “Hot” Summer Read? ~~ This is an exciting read. Heroine Kiera Devane is a character that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go. And any woman who’s faced a lot of trials in her life would want a man like hero Argus Nye in her life and on her side. The story has a bunch of twists and turns. Readers have told me they were surprised to find out who the killer was. All this makes a “hot” summer read.



Barnes and Noble/Nook.

GOODBYE NOEL: (Historical Romantic Thriller, mid-1940s ~~ murder/mayhem/romance) Won the 2011 Grace Awards Mystery/Thriller/Romantic Suspense category

The first body is found under a trimmed Christmas tree, the second as they ring in the New Year (1947), the third goes head long out a window. Will a young pediatric nurse determined to make it on her own be able to care for an infant whose mother was murdered and escape the killer who has struck again? Can she trust the stalwart village detective with her life and her heart as he works to catch this killer before somebody else dies? (Sweet romance, warm intimacy, sophisticated themes)

Pediatric nurse, Katrina Lenart, grew up strong willed and independent minded, while sharing her mother’s flair for high fashion. When the police chief gives her an orphaned baby to care for, her maternal instincts take over and she’s willing to fight anyone who might not have the infant’s best interests at heart, even the man she’s growing to love. After an attempt is made to kidnap the baby, she and the resolute village detective team up and do some sleuthing, undercover at a cult as well as at a fancy ball.

Detective Ian Daltry is a widower with a child and is not interested in a new love. Hunting a killer who stops at nothing has placed him in the position where he must protect a beautiful young woman he’s drawn to. Is there’s something he’s overlooked in analyzing the case? Will he find out what that is before this ruthless murderer kills someone he loves?

What Makes This A “Hot” Summer Read? ~~ Think Christmas in July for fast paced novel set over the Christmas/New Years holidays (1946/47). It’s a thriller for any season with a vicious killer on the loose and bodies piling up. If you like a story where the killer turns the tables and starts to hunt the good-guys, this one’s for you!



Barnes and Noble/Nook.

BURNING HEARTS: (Historical Romance Thriller, mid-1940s ~~ arson/murder, action, and romance in equal measure)  Finaled in the Grace Awards 2011 Romance/Historical Romance category.

Can a sheltered young seamstress, disillusioned by the horrors of WWII, escape an arsonist/murderer who has killed her employer and mentor, while trying to decide if she can trust the dashing war hero who’s ridden into town on his Harley—who some say is the murderer?  (Sweet romance, sophisticated themes)

Erica Brogna’s parents doted on her and taught her to think for herself. Many boys she grew up with had fallen in the WWII, shaking her childhood faith. In rides a handsome stranger, at the hour of her most desperate need. A woman who is her close friend and mentor is trapped in a burning house. After making an unsuccessful rescue attempt, Erica stands by as this man rushes into the inferno and carries her friend’s lifeless body out.

Lorne Kincade can’t out run his past on his Harley Davidson WLA, the civilian model of the motorcycle he rode in the war. He’s tried. He’s been a vagabond biker in the year since the war ended. His Uncle Ivar bequeathed him a ramshackle cottage in Sanctuary Point, on the South Shore of Long Island, NY and now he’d like to hope for a future again, repair the miniscule place, and settle down. The only problem is, a young woman with hair the color of mink is starting to get under his skin and that’s the last thing he needs.

What Makes This A “Hot” Summer Read? ~~ For those who love a sweetly clean murder mystery with tons of thrills and action and packed with romance…not to mention a deranged killer…this is it! Lorne and Erica are strong characters with moral conviction. It’s a good read.



Barnes and Noble/Nook.

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