If You Could Be A Character, Who Would You Be?


If You Could Be A Character In Any Novel/Video/TV Show, Who Would You Be?

In Christian romantic suspense I’d go with Susan May Warren’s bush pilot Andee McLeod (also called Emma, the Scottish vernacular for “lady”) in Expect the Sunrise. She’s smart, beautiful, has the gorgeous and rugged FBI agent Sterling “Mac” McRae falling for her. She leads an exciting life…what’s not to like?

Second runner up would be Hannah Alexander’s E.R. doctor Cheyenne Allison in Hideaway. She truly inspired my respect.

In secular crime fiction, well, can I be Joe Pike? In the Robert Crais series of Elvis Cole novels, Joe’s the enigmatic, silent partner in the Elvis Cole Detective Agency, also a gun shop owner and the hinted at owner of various real estate properties all over Los Angeles. Yeah, he’s a guy, but what a guy. He’s tough, honest, honorable, loyal to his friends, and perhaps the most dangerous man I’ve come across in crime fiction. I just don’t want to look like him, not with those tattoos of his.

In movies I’d want to be any heroine Kim Novak played. I love Kim Novak, what a lady. There’s also Nora Charles, wife of Nick in the Thin Man books and movies (played beautifully by Myrna Loy). No mere sidekick, Nora is the moral and intellectual equal of her PI husband, quite often his moral superior. I’d be OK with being her.

On TV, there’s Honey West (1965-66, played by Anne Francis). Of the pre-feminist era, Honey’s inherited her dad’s swanky PI firm, and with her pet ocelot Bruce in hand, assisted by the rugged Sam Bolt, goes off to fight crime. I think I’d only want to be Honey West for a day, though.

Would I want to be high fashion model Maddie Hayes (played by Cybil Sheppherd)? Probably not, or at least not for more than a day. But I thought I’d mention her.


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